Welcome to LocumRVN.com

A quick, easy way for Irish practices to get in touch with a reliable, registered and experienced veterinary nurse to cover staffing issues in your practice.

Who is LocumRVN?

I'm Hannah! I have over five years' worth of experience as a Veterinary Nurse. I've seen practice internationally, as well as at home. Since I returned home from Canada in May, I've been working as a locum VN and have definitely noticed a demand for services. I have seen a wide variety of practice, from general practice to emergency to referral. My main area of expertise is Small Animal, though I'm always game for a farm visit or two!

Why LocumRVN?

I made this site so it was easy for both the practice to request a locum nurse; and for me so I could have all of my shift requests in the one place. I've found myself receiving numerous texts/emails/phone calls/carrier pigeons from practices looking for cover and it's so much easier to keep them in one place. This site means that I can promptly respond to requests, put them in the calendar and make sure I am not double-booked.

How do I use LocumRVN?

Simply fill in the form below. Enter in the dates (and shifts, if possible) you'd like me to cover, your practice name and contact email. There's a box below these for any extra info that you deem necessary e.g. the sort of work you're looking for me to do. Right now I am based in Dublin but I will consider all requests and reply appropriately.

Request a LocumRVN

Fill in the form below, I try to get back to everyone within 24 hours. I try to accommodate as many requests as I can, however availibility is on a first come, first served basis.

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Thank You!

Your email has been sent and you should hear from me soon! Looking forward to working with you all in the near future!